Welcome to the Agency’s Training Grounds, newblood! Your time here will not be easy, but once you finish – if you finish – you’ll be full-fledged members of the greatest conglomerate of like-minded individuals this world’s ever seen. Not that life in the Agency is easy, but you’ll never lack for adventure! And if you’re good, you won’t lack for fame and fortune either!

Now, I know most of you have heard this all before, but I’m required to go over it. Listen up anyways because you may learn something new! The Agency was founded almost a hundred years ago to create a centralized organization for those intrepid and foolhardy enough to call themselves adventurers, as well as providing a simple and reliable means by which those with problems could hire those what fix problems.

The Agency is divided into three sections: the Eyes, the Mouths, and, of course, the Hands. Most of us start off as the Hands of the Agency. If we draw the attention of the Mouths or the Eyes we can get transferred out. I don’t have to tell you that being in the diplomatic or intelligence sections, respectively, is a lot safer than staying a part of the Hands. Less fun though.

If you do stay in the Hands, and survive, you’ll get a chance to move up to the head of the section. When you start you’ll be divided into Squads and your Squad’s rank is based solely on the order you joined in, with some minimal stratification based on your performance here, of course. We don’t discriminate on race or social standing – even if you come from across the Wall of Fallen Heroes in the Old Kingdoms you’ll find a place here.

Because we take folk of all kinds, we don’t discriminate which jobs we take based on who’s hiring either. That doesn’t mean we’re mercenaries though! We’re heroes here, and if you don’t like that then you may as well get out now. If you hear of anyone not comporting themselves properly you’re to turn them in. You may have heard of Squads that have gotten around this rule and have been getting away with all kinds of misdeeds. The company line, hmph, is that this does not happen and that such people are immediately dismissed from the Agency. So keep that in mind, newblood!

Now then, get ready! Your time here on the training grounds is about to begin. So, form up into your squads and get outside to the weapon and armor racks. We’re gonna see what you’re made of.

The Agency

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