The Agency

Uhg. I think I’ve seen enough black goop to last a lifetime.

After “interviewing” some hostages from our encounter with Cale (I probably wouldn’t have tried that if I had known they could self-destruct…), we pressed on deeper in to the temple. Apparently, this place was built on a rich black goop vein because the stuff is everywhere. We wound up in an enormous system of tunnels, presumably designed for the transport and storage of black goop. Although the place seemed to have some kind of enchantment that confused navigation, Ianmar managed to work out some kind of “Alcohol Positioning System” using a magic flagon. I think this is the first time booze has aided my sense of direction (then again, I am not a dwarf).

Anyway, the resident black dragon we thought we had cut down turned up again, understandably pissed (also, apparently infected with an insect as well). We decided that discretion would be the better part of valor for this encounter and hoofed it, eventually managing to dump a giant rock on the beast’s head.

From there, we managed to solve a few puzzles concealing parts of a key that opened the way to the temple’s inner sanctum (also filled with goop). Within, the artifact sealing the insects was clearly failing. The black dragon guardian returned yet again (he’s persistent, I’ll give him that), and asked us to slay him to free him from the insects corruption. He didn’t go quietly, however, and proceeded to claw me in the face and vomit acid everywhere. I’m a bit hazy on what happened next, but I seem to recall seeing Errol flying through the air towards the dragon. Then I saw another Errol. And another, until the air was filled Errols falling from the sky. The Errols all landed on top of the dragon, daggers-first, exploding him in a shower of black goop.

The next thing I remember, Mara-Kai was forcing a healing potion down my throat, yelling at me to get up. I asked her where all the Errols went, but she just looked at my quizzically, and I realized that the battle was still going on.

We narrowly (and I do mean narrowly!) managed to defeat the insect-dragon. And the corruption surrounding the sealing artifact seemed to vanish. Hmmm, does this mean we saved the day? I guess we will find out soon.




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