The Agency

Well, it looks like Cale and his little posse of mercs have been following us (maybe we shouldn’t have dismantled those guardians). And apparently Cale is a ninja.

According to him, they followed us to confirm we are still on board with his boss’s plan. Honestly, I’m not sure how he envisioned this encounter would turn out. It has become pretty clear that they have been lying to us from the beginning (Lito’s testimony, the Fernando crest, inconsistencies in the stories surrounding the kobold attacks), and it has become equally clear that removing the artifact from the temple is probably not the best idea. Was he expecting we would just follow along?

Anyway, after negotiations broke down (may have had something to do with Errol stabbing Cale in the back of the head, while simultaneously stealing his wallet), we put down their merry band. On finishing off the bald ninja with a particularly defiant gaze (if I do say so myself), some kind of insect burst out of him and continued to fight.

After a harrowing combat, Bug-Cale decided to flee the scene. As it ran out of range, it turned to make (what I presume was) a rude gesture with one of it’s claws. At that point, its head fell off because, I realized, Mara-Kai had teleported behind him and chopped it off. Now that one deserves a high-five.




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