The Agency

Politics as Usual

After a restful night in a pair of suites at the Beach Tavern and Inn, the Squad is met by Cale, the Mayor’s servant, who takes the Squad on a quick tour of Paradiso. On the way, the Squad learns of the political rivalry between the current Mayor and a new face in Paradiso’s political arena.

Though Paradiso’s mayor is technically elected, the * family has ruled peacefully and successfully for many years. However, * has built up enough support to become a serious challenge to the established Mayor, particularly amongst the poorer sections of town. The rest of Paradiso consisted of the Noble quarter, where the Old Families of Paradiso continue to reside, the Merchant’s Quarter, where the well-off tradesmen of Paradiso live in relative luxury, and the Trade Quarter where the business of the town was conducted.

The Squad was led to the Mayor’s manor, where * made his case for the town’s current situation. Several homes and business had been burned and Kobolds were sighted at various locations around town. The Mayor suspected his opponent of allying himself with the Kobolds in an effort to scare up some support, literally. The Mayor also admitted to capturing a single kobold found in town and torturing him to death for information. Unfortunately, they did not learn anything. Soon after, the Mayor’s son Penn disappeared under mysterious circumstances during the night. The Mayor ended the meeting by informing the group that he would be too busy to meet with them as he had important research to perform in his Alchemical laboratory, but that they could contact Cale should they need anything. He ended the meeting by providing gifts of magical items his family had purchased over the years, and then bid the Squad farewell.

The next meeting was with Paradiso’s constable, a gritty man who was clearly good at his job, if somewhat overworked. He gave the group the locations of the various kobold sightings as well as the various acts of arson. Interestingly, no kobolds had been specifically sighted at the sites of arson but they had been seen around town at various times. Also, the buildings that were burned to the ground were all towards the center of town and located in the Merchant and Noble Quarters, rather than in the common district.

The Squad’s third meeting was with the political newcomer . Of note, he vehemently denied being involved in arson. His evidence was that the buildings that were burned to the ground all belonged to people who were supporting him in the election, in part due to blackmail. He also claimed that Penn, the Mayor’s son, was also in support of *’s bid for the election. Privately, * seems to suspect that the Mayor himself is behind these acts in order to slander him and ruin his political chances. Despite the shady methods * is using, he appears to be interested in helping to further aid the poor of Paradiso at the cost of the rich and powerful.

The final meeting was with one of the town’s victims – the local priest of Ioun. Despite his obvious drug habit, the priest appeared to be taking excellent care of Ioun’s library. He also had interesting information regarding the magical field surrounding Paradiso, and the Mayor’s recent interest in the phenomenon. Aside from that, the priest had no useful information and was quite addled.

After their investigation, the Squad decided it was time to head to the kobold village in search of Penn and further information. They hired a local guide, Tusk, to take them there and set off through the swamp that very night.

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