The Agency

After a few hidden doors opened by solving riddles (never struck me as the best security system, but it sure is popular), we ended up in a collapsing tunnel. Looks like I was right about the rocks. I think they just call it a “trial” to cover up their substandard workmanship. Case in point, the platform at the end of the tunnel promptly collapsed as soon as we set foot on it, leaving me dangling off the edge.

Long story short I was saved by an enormous floating ball, one of four circling around the room. When everyone saw I stuck to the ball, they all decided to jump on and ride the balls around as well, which as just as well because apparently ancient kobolds used balls as a kind of transportation device. After fiddling with our balls for a bit, we were able to get them to descend. For a while, we were enveloped by darkness; four balls dangling in space.

Finally, we reached our destination: a lower region of the temple guarded by two animated dragon statues. Again, we were deemed to be worthy by virtue of our riddle-solving ability (maybe the kobolds’ ancient enemies all hated riddles?). Regardless, Errol decided he wanted the gems that made up the statues’ eyes. Now, in my experience, when working with a certain type of person, it’s generally best to let them do their thing. Complaining about thieving is probably the fastest way to get left in a trap-ridden tomb with no one who knows how to disable them. So we helped him overcome the guardians.

And I’m not the type to turn down a gem or two… Something tells me this temple is not going to be here much longer.




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