With great power can come greater questions.


Dwarven Invoker Covenant of Wrath


Ianmar is an average dwarf in stature, with a worryingly neat beard and calm blue eyes. He tends to watch his surroundings thoughtfully, and is slow to open up to people.

Ianmar is the son of an stone mason and a smith, raised in one of the dwarven mountain homes. Highlights of his childhood include the dozens of cats his mother owned, and following his father around as he created engravings for fellow dwarves. Shortly before reaching adult-hood, a goblinoid war party invaded the mountain home while the city defenses were in shambles due to political in-fighting, and his parents lost their lives in defense of the home. Ianmar sustained serious wounds in the battle himself, but managed to survive by pure luck. He distrusts politicians and nobles as a result of their petty fighting costing his parents’ lives.

After losing his parents, Ianmar felt the need to make his way in the world learning to defend those in need. A merchant caravan visited to trade, and Ianmar decided to sign on with the caravan to go see the world. He managed to get a job as an assistant to the horse caretaker to join the caravan, thanks to his mother instructing him in some minor help with shoeing horses. As he traveled with the caravan, he was impressed by the skills of one of the guards, and decided to learn their craft. This guard turned out to be Marak-kai, a Genasi Swordmage.

Ianmar discovered that he had no talent for being a Swordmage. Nor as a wizard, or a warrior, and he had no interest in trying to be a rogue. Luckily Marak-kai took a liking to him and they became friends as Ianmar struggled to find his way in life. One day Ianmar was accompanying Marak-kai as the vanguard, when something overcame Marak-kai. Her eyes went unfocused, an aura sprang to life, and she spoke in a perfectly calm tone. She told him she had been watching his journey with interest, and that now he might have the tools to find his way. She smiled mysteriously at him and closed her eyes. When she opened them, the posessing force was gone, and Ianmar collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

It took him several days to discover that something had happened to him, and now he could wield some greater power. The caravan eventually stopped in a larger city to resupply, and Ianmar visited the guilds and the temples. He quickly discovered his new found powers made him an Invoker, but no cleric could divine which deity had imbued him. Marak-kai and Ianmar eventually left the caravan to find their own way in the world.


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