Touted as a group of well-intended mercenaries, The Agency remains one of the greatest mercantile systems created in the land of Argentia.

Formed of three different divisions, the Hands, Eyes, and Mouths, the Agency hires out adventurers to groups willing to pay their fee and agree to their terms. In exchange for the slightly higher premiums, those looking to hire are guaranteed good outcomes or their money back. In addition, should a group of adventurers, also known as a Squad, fail at their task the Agency will send out more groups until the terms of the contract have been met.

For the adventurers, the Guild guarantees an attempt at rescue should they fail, as well as a 100% finder’s guarantee for any and all treasure discovered while working under contract, except for that specifically mentioned by the party doing the hiring (i.e. artifacts, heirlooms and personal goods which must be specifically requested at the initiation of any contractual agreement).

Because of the Eyes’ far-reaching intelligence network, the Agency can also guarantee a steady flow of work for all but the most incompetent of Squads without the need to constantly frequent taverns (though many choose to visit them anyways during their time between jobs – old habits die hard). As a Squad advances, any members affiliated with it also gain access to advanced Agency resources, including its spellcasters and the Mouth’s diplomatic channels.

Lastly, though few adventurers make it to retiring age, those who do find that the Agency also provides a very high standard of living for them and their family.


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